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  • Norwegian King Crab

  • Exotic Norwegian King Crab

    The Norwegian King Crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) is the most impressive and exotic of all the species of shellfish. The meat from the legs and claws is white and has a naturally sweet taste. The unique texture of the juicy meat has impressed master chefs all over the world. Some of the top chefs clearly states that the King Crab is better than lobster.

  • Sustainable fishing

    Russian researchers introduced the Red King Crab to the Barents Sea from the Sea of Okhotsk off the eastern coast of Russia in the 1960s. In the autumn of 2002, Norway started commercial catching of Red King Crab. Commercial fishing agreements were adopted by the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fishing Commission to ensure sustainable fishing. This includes minimum size, catching period and equipment regulations.

  • Quality and taste

    There are a huge variety of recipes available from natural steamed whole legs to exotic Asian inspired dishes. Forms of preparation inspired by Asian cuisine using garlic, ginger, coriander, soy sauce, green pepper or exotic fruits are highly appreciated by the culinary world.

    Norwegian Red King Crab is distinguished by freshness of taste, firmness of meat and a natural red colour. The crabs are caught in limited numbers and the short distance to reach the receiving facilities ensures the high quality. Norwegian King Crab is a very healthy alternative with low carbohydrates and fat. Energy per 100g is only 64 kcal.

  • Product specifications and nutrition information

  • Specification  Value
     Part  Cluster
    Style  Cooked & frozen
    Packaging  10 kg / 21 kg box
    Shelf life 2 years / 24 months


  • Nutrition Value g/100g
    Energy / Calories 270 kj/ 64 kcal
    Protein 13,9 g
    Fat 0,9 g
    Carbohydrates 0,0 g


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