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  • King Crab Facts

  • Exotic and exclusive

    The Norwegian King Crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) is the most impressive and exotic of all the species of shellfish. The meat from the legs and claws is white and have a unique texture. There are a huge variety of recipes available from natural steamed whole legs to exotic Asian inspired dishes. Norwegian King Crab is a very healthy alternative with low carbohydrates and fat. Energy per 100g is only 64 Kcal.

  • Impressive size

    The Red King Crab [Paralithodes Camtschaticus] is a species of king crab native to the Bering Sea. The Red King Crab also sometimes referred to as the name Kamchatka Crab.   It is a very sizeable species wich can grov up 12 Kg with a leg span of almost 2 meters.

  • The red colour

    The Red King Crab is named after the colour it gets when it is cocked rather than the more burgundy colour it has in live form. The king crab is native to the Bering Sea in the area around Murmansk sea and the Kamchatka Peninsula.  This is why it is sometimes also known as Kamchatka Crab.

  • King Crab Fact sheet

    Klick on the image to the right to download the King Crab Fact sheet. The fact sheet is in a printable PDF format and contain facts about our Norwegian Red King Crab with complete nutritional information.

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