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  • King Crab Product Information

  • Freshly cooked

    The Norwegian Red King Crab is delivered pre-cooked and frozen. We cook the crab shortly after catching and freeze it as soon as possible, normally within hours, after catching to preserve maximum taste and freshness. Since the crab is already cooked, chefs save valuable the time in the kitchen preparing the crab for a meal.

  • Optimal freezing

    We deliver the pre-cooked and frozen the King Crab in 10kg and 21kg boxes. We freeze the king Crab at -40⁰C in a freezing tunnel for optimal freshness and quality. The frozen crab should be kept in the freezer at minimum -18°C. This ensures a long shelf life and conservation of the original taste and quality. The shelf life of our Norwegian King Crab is 24 months when stored in these conditions.

  • Defrosting King Crab

    The best way of defrosting Norwegian King Crab is in a refrigerator for about 8-12 hours or at room temperature for 2-5 hours. If you are in a hurry it is also possible to quick defrost the crab it in cold water for a few minutes. The King Crab will keep for three days after defrosting when kept in the refrigerator. Defrosted crab cannot be refrozen.

  • Cooking raw King Crab

    We cook the King Crab immediately, or as soon as possible, after catching. The cooking method is developed in cooperation with chefs and scientists to find the optimal cooking conditions. In short, the preferred way to cook King Crab is in seawater or 3% salted fresh water with a water temperature of 95⁰C. The cooking time is 5-6 minutes, or until the meat core temperature reaches 90⁰C. After cooking, it is essential to cool down the King Crab.

  • King Crab Facts